Obiectivele pe care şi le propune o societate responsabilă depăşesc resursele şi competenţele administraţiei publice. Participarea şi responsabilitatea tuturor nu este o opţiune, ci o condiţie pentru a prezerva mediul economic şi mediul natural - cultura şi civilizaţia. Angajamentul şi obiectivele CEDD se înscriu în această perspectivă.



Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CEDD)

NGO founded in 2009, is - at a national level - one of the most active and consequential actors involved in promoting sustainable development principles.


CEDD approaches issues regarding efficiency in public services management, integrated waste management, landscaping, clean technologies, improving institutional context. Is currently engaged in different activities, partnerships and projects – together with local and central institutions, entrepreneurs and representatives from educational, artistic and research environments.


Littering 2010 coperta 1.jpgMain activities and projects developed by CEDD


A.    Research and studies

·       “Littering 2009” and “Littering 2010” – first national studies concerning abandoned waste in public areas.

·    Study about the energy market in Romania – 2015, regarding institutional and economic environment and the impact of the specifics in Romanian legislation on the energy market development.  


B.     Surveys (on line, on the phone, on the field)

·         Survey regarding the level of implementation of IWMS (Integrated waste management system) inside local public administrations (2009 - 2010)

·        Survey regarding the behaviors of sewage and waste collection services users (2012, for GMP Bucharest )

Binele si Frumosul.png


C.    Media/artistic production


·        “The garbage and the snowdrop” (“Gunoiul si ghiocelul”) theater-pantomime play with Passe Partout Dan Puric group – 2010. The performance was staged again in 2012-2014, with actors from “Teatrul de pe Lipscani”


D.    Event design

·        First European Garbage Museum – 2010-2011 at Mall AFI-Cotroceni Bucharest and in 2012 and the National Library.


E.     National/international events organizer 

·        Roundtable – “2010: year of decision-making in the integrated waste management system” – in partnership with the Commission for Public Administration Territorial Planning in Bucharest, 25 February, The Palace of Parliament

·        International conference - “Framework Directive and European society of recycling” - 12-13 April 2011, at Novotel Hotel Bucharest, in partnership with Ministry of Forests and Environment.

·        International conference – 2011 “Highways and cities – issues and solutions” 26 May, House of Parliament, Bucharest -  in partnership with National Geographic, Architects Oder of Romania, Commission for Public Administration Territorial Planning



F.     Editorial content provider

·     Partners with “Romanian Magazine of Local Public Administration”



G.    Creator and supporter of communication projects and concepts

logo-MRC-03 Ilie.png

·           “Keep Romania clean” portal – 2010-2012, a complex communication tool, designed for waste management and environmental protection; global database of knowledge and information. It’s an interactive platform opened for all national and European actors, from citizens to public administration to industry and civil society.


·    “Adopt a street” – the goal of the project was increasing the awareness of the citizens regarding the environmental issues of their own area, making them more conscious about the efforts they could do to contribute to urban sanitization. 

·    "Environment volunteers Brigade” – promoting volunteering and institutionalization and monitoring of citizen complaints regarding environmental issues

·       “Education for the future – A cause for citizens and public authorities” 2012-2014   - with financial support from  Environment Fund Administration


H. Creator and promoter of awareness campaigns

·        “PET-free area” campaign – 2010. Campaign for seaside tourists, meant to promote selective collection. Partnership with Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, National Administration of Romanian Waters, SC Eco-Rom Ambalaje and „GastroMuzical Internaţional” Papa la Şoni Association.

·        “Do not let the garbage swim!” – 2011. Campaign for seaside tourists, meant to promote responsible behaviors. Partnership with Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests and Heineken Romania.

·        Environmental camp for gymnasium students - Dâmbu Morii  - October 2012 – January  2013  (part of the project “Education for the future – A cause for citizens and public authorities” 2012-2014   - with financial support from  Environment Fund Administration)

·        Ecological education classes for gymnasium – 1200 students from 8 development regions – October 2012 – June 2013. (part of the project “Education for the future – A cause for citizens and public authorities” 2012-2014   - with financial support from  Environment Fund Administration)


I.  Organizer of promotional campaigns – for entrepreneurs, activities, products related to environmental care

·        Seminar – debate: “Challenges and objectives for a recycling Romanian society”-  under the patronage of Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, 9 June 2011, National Theater from Caracal – partnership with ESOX.

·        Public debate – “Implementing a local integrated waste management system” - June 2013 – Jupiter - (part of the project “Education for the future – A cause for citizens and public authorities”)


J. Creator and promoter of collaborative communication tools

·     “Collaborative portal” – 2010 – 2012 - developed with IT Vector Consult (France) and Internet Objects (Romania) is a web instruments that offers a collaborative approach of updating and managing information – with a “front” and a “back” office, it allows a simultaneous intervention of all partners that share a project or an interest. Perfect for monographic / thematic / associative approaches or for promoting events, concepts etc. (among users: Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France, AEE – France, Urban community Aries, “Durable cities” conference, “Selective collection” roundtable etc)



K.    Creator and developer of monitoring projects

·        Monitoring SIG/SIEG project – collecting, selecting and interpreting data about general interest services (SIG) providers, mainly general economic interest (SIEG) services providers.


L.     Informational support for public decision markers

·        Practical guide for an integrated waste management system - implementing an integrated waste management system is a test and a challenge for the political intelligence and administrative proficiency for all local representatives, so the guide is an valuable tool for decision makers from public administration and for public services providers.